African Youth must come together to save the Continent

Africa: our continent still struggles to gain firm footing after many years of independence.

I am aware that slavery and colonization have contributed deeply to our present state but personally, I do not believe that the answer to our underdevelopment lies in the continous blaming of the colonizers.

Why am I saying this?…

… Here are my reasons:

1- Asian countries have been able to overcome their past so Africa as well can. In Asia, almost all the countries were once colonized but after gaining independence they were able to stand on their own to build up their economies to an extend that can even be described as better to their colonizers.

2- Asia promoted its languages over colonizers’ language. They Somehow eradicated the colonizers’ language that was used officially.They managed to establish a system where they taught their own mother tongues as the official languages. Examples can be taking from India,China and you name the rest.

3-Maintain their own culture. The Asians maintain and promoted their own culture.

What did the Africans countries do ?
African countries were peg with the colonial language uptil now and letting the colonial languages used as the official languages. Infact to an extend speaking your mother tongue in schools is forbidden.

In East and Central Africa where Swahili is spoken.Some countries used Swahilias as an official language somehow. But this is still seen as a second to the colonizers’s languages.

When I read about the paying of colonial tax by some African countries to France, I started wondering what kind of leaders do we have?

How can you coonised a country for years and later gave that country an independence and impose colonial tax to that particular country? And why should those countries accept still be paying such backward tax?

African head of states have turned to be beggars to the West, despite the fact that our continent is richer than any other content.

Now, Asia is colonizing Africa in a modern way where they granted loans in which our future kids will suffer to pay them back.

Again, in Africa corruption has become a syndrom: Where criminals are respected than interllectuals.From statistics review 85% of Africans regimes are all corrupt.
Where is Africa heading to? The youths of the beloved continent of Africa must stand strong to make sure that what our heroes fought for is worthful.

We cannot overlook or underestimate your selflessness contributions, the likes of Dr. K. Nkrumah, J. Nyerere, Dr.H. Banda, T. Sankara N. Mandela, S. Biko, J. Kenyatta and many more. May their souls rest in perfect peace.

Thankyou for your time for reading this article. Lets be the change needed in our Continent.


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